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Thursday 22 March 2012

A box of raisins

So as you know my wee man has started to push the boundaries or the nicer way to say that exploring and being curious about his world. With curiosity and exploration comes lots and lots of frustration, tears and dear I say it proper tantrums. I don't often use the word no (unless it's daddy's records or the stereo) and try to use lots of distractions instead. My friend on Sunday asked me how I kept him so quiet during Church as her son (only a week older) can't resist making lots of noise....the answer my friends is a simple one....A box of raisins. I must admit I always have a box on hand as they are the best distraction ever (My hubby is going crazy about the amount of sugar he is probably now getting so I try not to give him the whole box at once!), whatever the problem is, no matter how much he is crying, a raisin seems to make it all better again. I love the simplicity of it. Recently my own world has been crumbling and I am kind of struggling to glue it all back together again. If only a raisin could all make it better again. When do life problems get so complicated that you need more and more to fix them? Maybe my son is actually teaching me something about the simplicity of life and the little things that can make it better. I am off to find my box of raisins.


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