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Thursday 1 March 2012

World Book Day 2012: We love books

I have spoken so much before about how much my son loves books and how we have encouraged it since he was the bean in my tummy. As it's World Book Day today I thought I would join in the fun and share my son's love of books at the minute. It's interesting how his love of books have developed and it's not just about mummy favourites any more but actually about what he likes to read! He loves to crawl over to his make shift bookshelf in the lounge at the minute and drag pretty much all his books out at the same time. Sometimes its amazing to watch as he sits there looking through some of them like he is actually reading to himself. Since he hit the 10 month mark I would say the favourites now include books that make noise or that have flaps that you can lift and peek under and sometimes the touch feely ones and definitely ones that have mirrors in them. That makes Dear Zoo a clear favourite swiftly followed by Baby Boo so he can admire himself in the mirror at the end! There is one story though without any of these bits that he has always enjoyed having read to him and that would be Ten Little Fingers and Ten little toes. I like to think that's because he likes the three kisses he gets on his nose at the end! We are not just reading in English but in Italian as well.

Do your children love books? What are they reading?


  1. We're loving any book with flaps at the moment too (sometimes rather too enthusiastically!) Also "Monkey and Me" and she loves flicking through Mr Noisy.

    1. Oh yeah enthusiasm....thank goodness for board books! We love monkey and me too....must check out Mr noisy.

  2. Max still loves Dear Zoo, and Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes. He LOVES the 3 little kisses and gives me them now, Laila never would! Other current faves are Green Eggs and Ham and Monkey Puzzle. But he's happy to read ANYTHING, he loves books too!


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