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Tuesday 20 November 2012

Comparatively not a perfect mum

Does every mother worry if she is getting right? Does every mother compare herself to other mums, their children to other children? These days as my son seems to be growing so fast I am not sure at what point I really started to relax into being a mum. Accepting this new label and running with the flow.

You know it was kind of hard for me to write my previous post about not being able to breastfeed my wee man. You see it's because I suddenly found myself stressing about most things in those early days not just breastfeeding. I was no relaxed carefree mum just going with the flow. I was actually not even sure how much I was bonding with my wee man. When it was time for hubby to go back to work I kind of freaked to be left on my own. He was so tiny, so dependant on me. Because of all my constant worries I feel like I missed out a lot on little things. On perfect cuddles, on perfect kisses, on counting perfect little fingers and perfect little toes.

Everyone, every mother, has their own opinion about parenting. Some will even judge you quite harshly for the decisions you choose to make. If your little family is happy and your little family is not being hurt or neglected how can anyone judge you harshly for what you have chosen to do. For choosing to breastfeed until your child is older than 6 months. For choosing to bottle feed instead of breast feed. For choosing to co sleep with your baby. For choosing to use a dummy as a comforter. For choosing to establish routines. For choosing to be a working mum. For choosing to be a stay at home mother.

I have come to realise that comparatively I am not a perfect mum. Maybe there are mums out there who do it better than me, who has a child that is better than mine. Who is that happy carefree mum just going with the flow and never worrying. I look at my wee man now though and don't mind. I make my choices for him and try every moment not to miss out on the little things.


  1. So long as we love our children unconditionally, those choices will always be ours to make.

    CJ x

    p.s. beautiful photos.


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