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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Give a little whistle

So Santa Claus arrived early in our little house here in Glasgow. Hubby had a work trip in China and it seems when he visited the toy store well he could not resist. As he says they are cheaper, they are made of wood and get this...come from Germany! Anyway there was a basket full of toys for the equivalent of a pound and when he saw this particular toy he could not resist. Mummy is still a bit in shock that he decided to buy it and is now slightly deaf in one ear. 

I'm joining in with Fun Photo Fun over at the Crumby Mummy 


  1. Sorry about your ears and maybe your head. :0) Fab photos though! I love the last one, his cheeks are huge! :0) Thanks for linking up! X x

    1. He does look cute doing it! So I guess hubby is forgiven :)

  2. Lovely photos, and I can imagine the noise. We have brought Mads a recorder for Xmas, and I am scared already about the headache we are going to have! x

  3. Oh bless! such a cute little face! Smashing photos :)


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