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Thursday 7 March 2013

As a mother

With all the love I have I will probably always question how good I am as a mother. It's a label which carries a lot of weight with it and sometimes my shoulders slouch under the pressure. All the hard work though that motherhood involves is always trumped by the good stuff. When my wee man wakes up in the morning and shouts "Daddy" "Mummy" no matter how early, no matter how much I groan it really is the best start to the day.

As a mother I get to hold him tight and listen to his giggles as I tickle him. His smile alone brightens up my day. 

As a mother I get special hugs every day and grab kisses whenever I can.

As a mother I get to reawaken my imagination.

As a mother I get to stop and appreciate the little things.

As a mother I get to smile as I watch my son grow and learn.

As a mother I have discovered a new part of me. 

I am a mummy and love unconditionally.


  1. Awww, I feel the same. Motherhood is such a privilege and such a responsibility, I think it's natural to worry about getting it all wrong. But it's also a really easy and natural thing that you just do, and it's totally amazing. x

  2. The job may have huge responsibility, but it's really the best isn't it? Lovely words Sabrina! :)

  3. Lovely post and so true. It's true it can be very hard work but those little tiny special moments make it really amazing at times!


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