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Friday 8 March 2013

Photo of the Week

It's not often I capture a good photo with my phone. Over the past few days though when we have been out and about it is all I have had on me to take pictures. With a little editing I actually managed to capture a moment. This is my photo of the week.

Team Lloyd


  1. An old pine cone, undiscovered from last season, treasure indeed!

  2. I looked at this on my phone earlier and thought what a striking photo! Fab that you captured it on your phone camera, where would we be without them nower days!

    Such treasure!

    Thank you for linking up with Photo of The Week X

    1. I know! and the photo editing features of course :) The things my boy finds!

  3. I bet he was dead chuffed to find this. The look on his face says it all!

  4. Precious photo, gorgeous smile! Happy Mother's Day! :) x

  5. Oh I love this photo - so cute. My little one loves to collect pinecones :) Really enjoying your blog and thanks for stopping over at mine, I'm now following you on GFC

    Laura x

  6. He looks like he is very pleased with himself x


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