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Wednesday 21 August 2013

Marking a moment

There is so much I could say about my wee man turning two and a half. He has changed so much in this half year alone. There is an amazing constant flow of words that just seem to grow and grow as the days move on. From one word sentences to whole conversations. To say he makes us laugh with his little statements is an understatement. 

I dreaded the potty training days and now here he is running around in his big boy pants with no need for mummy to worry at all. One day he just seemed to completely accept that he now did his business in the potty and that was that. It was like a hurdle mummy had to jump over more than anything else. 

He is so agile that I'm thinking I might have a gymnast in the making. Of course the list of things that I think he is going to be is endless. Like I am seriously impressed how high he is able to jump, what he loves to jump off and over. He is getting pretty good at catching a ball and also has a pretty impressive kick. 

His curiosity is endless and it's constantly "What's that mummy?" or "What you doing?" He has certainly shown he has quite a stubborn streak and we have great "fun" trying to convince him that he can't always get his way. He abounds with energy and just never seems to stop. 

He still has those moments where he can be quite shy and takes things in his stride. Not a lover of huge crowds he's still the one voice you are most likely to hear in the playground. Sometimes it's hard to keep up as he will love doing one thing one month and it will all change in the next. He loves being outside and making a mess when painting. His love for sticks and stones never seems to change.

He is my fun and cheeky monkey. He knows how to drive me insane and he knows how to wrap me around his little fingers. He gives the best hugs and has a smile that melts butter. I'm just loving every minute of him.


  1. I think you have a very typical boy there! Max is just the same!!! Happy 2.5yrs to your wee man xxx

  2. That's so lovely! Such a nice age! :)

  3. Lovely post as ever. From 2.5 to 3 and beyond is such a fabulous age! X.

  4. Matilda is just the same, almost exactly the same age and her language astounds me all the time. Such a fun age though isn't it? Getting grown up but still a baby.

  5. He sounds like a delightful little man and very similar to my Mads too. It is such a fun age isn't it? x

  6. Happy 2 and a half wee man! I hope that one day Bob will accept that she has to do her business on the potty. We are struggling. Lovely photos, I love the painted hands one! x x x

  7. Aww x he sounds amazing ;) And your photography is so good! I would love to get photos like that! You definitely have some amazing moments captured on film there xx


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