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Monday 5 August 2013

Biker Boy

 I know health and safety mums this biker boy needs a helmet. Seriously though it's like one day he just got it. He started zooming about on his balance bike. On a Sunday morning the local skate park is quiet so we gave in and allowed the wee man to give it a go. He still needs a lot of support but he just loves it. I think the best bit is watching his confidence grow. He takes all the falls in his stride and says that he will try it again. I secretly hope it's something he applies to other parts of his life but I will take this for now. My biker boy definitely needs a helmet!


  1. What brilliant fun! He is soo brave! Not sure if I could do that even! :D

  2. We just got Mads a balance bike but she doesn't get it yet! I really want her to learn though as both hubby and I love our bikes. x

  3. Wow look at him go, such a brave boy x

  4. That's fab, we've been thinking about getting Matilda one but I've a feeling Henry will figure it out before her. We have Bern helmets for our 2 BTW for when they come on our bikes. Really nice and have soft peaks to keep sun out.

  5. I haven't been here in weeks and I am like oh my god, what a coincidence....
    We also have a red balance bike and we've also been to a stunt area with grafiti.
    My blog was turned off for 3 days and all sorts of crap's been going on so I haven't been doing my usual rounds.
    Your young man looks VERY competent on that there bike, and he's younger than Aaron isn't he? I do regret not getting Aaron one sooner. Ours is at its maximum setting despite being brand new so it won't last him long - thank God it was only 27 pounds.
    Liska xx


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