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Tuesday 29 October 2013

One night

One night
I heard his cry
The middle of the night
A little dazed, a little confused I go to him
I'm awake, he needs me
He's crying still
Gentle I caress his little head
"Mummy sleep with me"
I gently slide beside him on the bed
He puts his little arm around my neck
His eyes closed
His breathing evens out
Warm and gentle on my face
One night
He needs me


  1. Awww bless - lovely words and pictures. They grow up so fast don't they? But he will still need you as the years go by albeit in different ways xx

  2. Was it a night mare? Was he okay in the morning. I'll bet he loved waking up to you by his side. What a lovely mum you are. X

    1. Yeah a bad dream I think. Very unlike him. He was very happy in the morning.

  3. Bless him! Beautiful post and that last photo is gorgeous! x


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