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Saturday 19 October 2013

Only 20 minutes

I'll be an honest, if there is one linky I enjoy being a part of it's "Country Kids". It gives me that little extra push to get my wee man out of the house every week. Recently I have not been blogging as much but surprise myself in the fact that there it is in the back of my mind...what could be my "Country Kids" post this week. It gets harder as the weather changes and we find ourselves time and time again back at our local park. The wee man has not been well, we have family visiting, the rain has been rather torrential all culminating in a "Country Kids" post feeling kind of well bland. Glasgow is thankfully good for museums so at least we are getting out of the house and away from the wee man's beloved favourites of "Tree fu tom" and "Peter Rabbit". We visited the Riverside Museum and the Tall Ship this week and I thought this is going to be it...a couple minutes of fresh air as the wee man "sweeps the deck". We had a play date that afternoon with friends in Stirling and I figured that pretty much meant them romping together around the house. So I smiled when I received a text to bring the wee man's bike as his friend just got a scooter for her birthday. Hoozah! Honestly as soon as we were kitted out and ready to go the rain drops came and it was torrential by the time we made it around the block. I hope though that those 20 minutes of fresh air got some of the cobwebs away.

Today we just bought some new keep the rain away clothes! Whatever the weather we aim to get out and about! Seriously click the button below as there is probably a lot better inspiration than here to get you out and about this autumn.

 Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 


  1. The Wee Man makes a fine sailor, I love how serious he was as swabbing the decks. He looks very sweet on his bike with his little friend in tow, a pair of wellies with the new outfit and he'll be ready for some puddle splashing the next time it rains. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  2. It looks like you had a lovely time, we are also trying to get outside as much as we can - weather permitting! :) x

  3. He is just beautiful :-) Gorgeous outdoor adventures, despite the rain. So good at riding his new bike :-)

  4. He's looking great on his balance bike, they're fab aren't they? It's difficult when the weather's miserable, but so worth it once you've made the effort!

  5. oooh Sabrina, he is the cutest cyclist that I've ever seen and I see he still likes doing his chores, bless him. I think I saw that tall ship on an episode of Woolly and Tig, it looks like a great thing to visit x


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