A mum and a wife and sometimes just me

Sunday 24 November 2013

A good head rest

You don't need words like "I love you" to make your heart fill. You don't need big squeezes and cuddles to know that he cares. It's in the comfort of being close, being there, doing the everyday.

mummy daddy me


  1. This is just beautiful, gorgeous photo x

  2. Oh, so sweet. It's lovely to see that even when they grow a big bigger, they still come back for that touch and reassurance

  3. This is beautiful Sabrina, and so true. What a gorgeous photo. I hope my two never stop needing me like this. But I still need that from my Mum sometimes too. x

  4. You don't need words do you? Just that touch is enough to say all that ever needs to be said. Beautiful

  5. Such true words and a lovely photo x


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