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Sunday 10 November 2013

When it's epic

Epic is actually a relatively new word for me. Working with children in schools I have identified it as THE way to describe something big and usually cool. What though when it's EPIC, that is huge, but it's a very negative response to not being able to get your own way aka "The Tantrum". I'm actually not sure whether to call them tantrums or just general break downs in behavior of the good variety. It ranges from tears to begging to ear piercing screams. Recently the wee man's responses to not getting his own way has been EPIC.

I get it he's only 2 years and 8 months and pushing boundaries is what they do. I admit I strongly believe in setting boundaries, I'm a supporter of "routine" be it flexible but these days....

These days it honestly feels a little bit all over the place. Why am I debating with a 2 year old? It can pop it's big EPIC head over anything. Like peeling his fruit and cutting it in half and he decides that today he would like a whole one when yesterday he was struggling and spitting the skin out. I have those moments where I can stand really strong then I have those moments where I just want to give in. It really wears me down. He did the same thing yesterday, I never gave in to the tears, but here we are in the same situation today. I know stick with it and we will get there in the end but seriously am I allowed to question when that end is?

I think I'm actually writing this post in the hope I can look back on this post and go yeah I weathered that storm and actually it was not so bad and sometimes actually funny if you look at it a different way. Then again I will probably look back on it and think and "I thought that was bad?"

EPIC it's a good word though.


  1. I don't know why they call them the terrible twos when their tantrums tend to be at their worse around three years old. I found the best way to cope with them was just to let the tantrums blow themselves out and stay as close as possible. Rationalising I find is pointless - they just don't have the brain connections yet, and the rage just takes over (think raging monkey - it's just like that). X

  2. BLess, I have to say it should be terrible 3's and not two's. They do grow out of it. Keep going x

  3. It is a really hard and taxing age. So so so much joy but then also they are learning that they are little people with opinions, thoughts and feelings. We are bound to have a few bumps in the road. x


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