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Monday 2 December 2013

Going to see fish in the water

The wee man went out for a walk last week with Daddy as mummy lay feeling rather poorly at home in bed. They went to buy some fish for tea. The wee man was rather disappointed as he did not realise when he was going to see fish that they would not be swimming in the water. On Saturday when I asked him what he wanted to do I guess I should not have been surprised by the request to go and see fishes swimming in the water.

We went to the Glasgow Botanical Gardens. It turns out to be a great winter activity actually because it is enjoying nature but you are protected from the weather in the Glasshouses. We did get a fresh air fix by enjoying the play park there as well. I was even offered some "hot ice cream" from the "cafe" (I love how he uses his imagination now).

 Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 

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  1. Such a handsome wee chap and growing up so fast! Great that he remembered the fish buying and what he had expected to see. I hope these fish were more what he wanted. He certainly looks happy with what he has seen there.


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