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Thursday 4 February 2010

Reinstating Pizza night

It was not oh so long ago when I lived in Glasgow that we used to try and have a pizza night once a week. The aim being really not to have to cook too much and have a few beers while chillaxing in front of the TV. Wednesday nights in Auckland now suddenly have a lot to offer. It starts with Masterchef NZ, then Lie to Me and finishes with Law and Order SUV. So I have decided to reinstate pizza night. Of course the question remains if I am every allowed to cheat and get take away pizza or if it always has to be homemade.

My home made pizza has certainly developed over the years. My first was in Glasgow when we had just moved in and I was cooking as many different things as I could think of. I never thought of using a rolling pin until hubby came home to rescue me, thank goodness! Then of course I made the mistake of making one pizza for the two of us thinking that would be enough. Being married to a man who was raised in Italy changes they way one cooks a lot. Anyway I have finally got a recipe that pretty much works for me everytime... 

Pizza for 2:

Pizza Dough:
375g Plain flour
Yeast (1 satchet or just under 1tbsp depending on its form)
1 cup warm water
2 tbsp olive oil (optional)

I personally think passata and mozzarella and onions are a must but anything after that depends either on what is available or what we are feeling for. Personal favourites include tuna, aubergine (baked first in the oven), peppers and pepperoni! 

Mix all the dry ingredients, make a hole and add the water. I mix with a spoon until it starts clumping together and then get my hands in there to help it form into a ball. Then I knead until my hands start getting tired. Please note that you can probably find official advice on the best way to  knead if you really want :) Then leave it to do it's business (rise) for at least an 1hr but 2 hours is definitely the best. If it is in a warm place it does it's business even better (rise!). I usually turn on the oven to preheat for while before putting the pizzas in.

Well you have waited the 2 hours or longer if you had to. Roll out the dough and yes do not be ashamed of using a rolling pin, and size is up to you or how well the dough has risen. Spread on the passata and add the cheese and then your toppings of choice, onions usually go on last. If you are lucky you have the fancy pizza trays otherwise place them on baking paper. Put them relatively low in the oven but not the lowest rung as it might burn and they usually take about 15 to 20 minutes.

Ecco Fatto!

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