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Monday 8 February 2010

What is it about Libraries?

Could it be that they are the home to one of my favourite things...Books?  I have found myself reflecting on the question a lot quite recently. It is probably because having a local library has only just recently become very important to me. It was with dismay that I arrived in New Zealand only to realise how expensive it was to buy books here. I have always liked to physically own the books that I read so that made borrowing the books really difficult for me. Actually as I borrow the books at the minute they remain on a list for a bulk buy when I return to the UK! So I have found myself a lot in my local library recently. When I enter I just can't help but linger and am actually usually dumbfounded at all the other people who do the same. It is like some great secret has been reveiled to me. Local libraries are not this intimidating quiet space either and there is something social about sitting with others and reading or spending time on the computer.

Are you ready for the advertisment? Your local library has so much to offer and you don't have to go just to borrow a book! It opens doors to new worlds and ideas, it has been very useful in helping us discover New Zealand, there magazines, CDs, DVDs, its got activities for children and I can browse through recipe books just to fine one recipe to take home with me and it lets you print documents if you don't have a printer at home! Okay I think I have made my point.

If I am lucky I leave my local library with only a hand full of books which I often forget I only have a limited time in which to read all of them.

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