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Wednesday 10 February 2010

The Sea or the Mountains?

That is the question!

So as 'seasoned' travellers (well working on being one anyway), Alberto and I like to consider where we would  have our holiday home, like we can afford it! But if we could where would we choose, the mountains or by the sea? Both we obviously enjoy, both have there positive points with very few negatives.

We have recently really enjoyed living so close to the water. In the evenings sometimes we hear the big bull horn of the cruise ship leaving and just smile to ourselves, its just 'kinda cool'. There is nothing like a beach day to leave all your thoughts behind you. Lazing on the sand with the sun on your back, long walks on the beach with the sound of crashing waves, eating fresh fish with a glass of wine. Hey, I grew up on a small island so I guess you would think that the beach is somehow a part of me.

Hubby has always loved the mountains, so as soon as we met he was teaching me how to ski, one of the things he has professed that he lives for. I have experienced the mountains in both the summer and the winter and both times have been breathtaking. I remember opening the curtains for the first time from our rented apartment and seeing this glorious view while having a cup of coffee and reading my book, the words are lacking to describe the moment. Freezing while watching the sunset on the snow over the mountains is magical.

For us the mountains have won us over. We will never say no to a beach holiday but the mountains peace has captured us.

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