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Monday 15 February 2010

Summer Reading

So it was only with the intent of returning some books that I went to the library last week. As usual I linger and look at the books. I usually have an idea of the book that I am looking for but this day it was pretty much free for all. At times like this I have a look see what the librarian is recommending me today, after all who doesn't enjoy discovering new authors. I could not tell you what attracted me to 'Reading in Bed' by Sue Gee. It appeared to slot perfectly into that category I like to call light summer reading. Never mind that when I pick it up the librarian notices and says 'That's a very good read', 'Well I hope you enjoy it anyway', well I guess that means Gee's novel is coming home with me then.

It would only be fair to say that it was an enjoyable read. A quickly unfolding story that I raced through in two days. Identifying with the characters quite easily it kept me entertained. A rather dramatic story of family, life long friendships, sex, love and marriage (are you getting the picture here) and then a rather strange mad (or should I be saying eccentric) cousin whose behaviour rapidly deteriorates as the novel progresses!

Ah well there is never anything really wrong for me when it comes to taking a break with some summer reading.

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