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Tuesday 6 July 2010

Little things Italian

So here I am in Italy for 2 whole months! 2 whole months of holiday as well so I really can't complain! I really do love Italy as much as it frustrates me some times. Of course two of my favourite things are the food and the wine. I love the idea of cooking with the seasons, eating what is local, fresh and abundant. So there was certain simple joy in the fact that I was able to go on two very if rather small but special outings for me.
The first was going directly to the local farmer to buy some vegetables. As we arrived there she was coming in from the fields with her basket loaded with fresh tomatoes! The second was heading off with our big white jug to get some wine from a local producer. The best bit of course was being able to sample the produce! The best bit for hubby's day was that it cost 1 euro a litre! Of course as most Italian families there is a cantina downstairs where all this lovely produce is stored. Hubby's dad then bottles the wine himself when it is then chilled and ready to serve at dinner.

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