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Friday 9 July 2010

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

So it's not often that I ending up watching the movie before I read the book. I was actually quite keen on watching the movie as I am sure I had read somewhere that it was a good book but hubby kind of burst the bubble when he mentioned that it did not get that great a review(we always somehow turn to the Guaridan). So there I was sitting on my second plane (part of my 27 hours of travel from New Zealand to Italy) thinking well maybe this is a good opportunity to watch it, which I did and well it was okay. Anyway this is not about the film this is about the book...which was a hundred thousand times better...I know someone always says the book is better than the movie....

What happens is that the movie left out so much that made the book a lot more interesting and real. The story does not focus solely on the grilsy topic of death, but rather on the afterlife and a families struggle to deal with the loss of a daughter and sister. It was a very touching novel to read and fills the imagination with sometimes beautiful but sad images. I did start to loose track a bit by the end but it did not spoil the overall effect of what I thought was an engaging read.

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