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Wednesday 20 October 2010

But I love books of the physical kind...

Ok I am not going to get into any great debate about the positive or the negative of this. I just know that my dream has always been to have a house with my own personal library. I love my collection of books and watching it grow. I discovered libraries and the simple pleasure of browsing through the different selections. For it all to disappear out of my grasp is unthinkable. My husband has asked if I fancy an Amazon kindle and I have always said no with no consideration of it's benefits. I guess it must have some...I know that when we travel these days we are so limited in what we can carry due to weight restrictions and my books don't usually have priority that just maybe it may come in handy. The idea that they are able to get books to the developing World that needs them more easily in this format is great.

But...to lose the physical book...it's like a betrayal of something I love.

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