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Saturday 23 October 2010

Oh yes a greengrocer in the Merchant City

Finally a nice surprise for us on our return to Glasgow...to discover that there is a greengrocer not far from us in the Merchant City. I would love to introduce you to Black Cherry...

I'm really not going to even bother get into what the fruit and vegetables are like at the local supermarket and the difference of being able to get them fresh. These guys head to the market every morning to get fresh produce and bring it close to my door...nice! So far we have sampled the tomatoes which are huge and juicy., the avocado and the cucumber. Hubby is over the moon of course as he has never been a fan of supermarket tomatoes and has always been half hearted in his desire therefore to eat them. Unfortunately I guess it is technically not the time of year to be creating fresh salads but hey who cares? With a drizzle of a mix of lemon juice and sweet chilli sauce I really am talking about heaven here. Of course hubby said it was missing prawns and little octupus' (and yes we have got a fishmonger just for that) but we managed to settled for a big block of cheese.

Oh and the beast beside the salad...well that is the fresh bread they have available as well.

It comes from Tapa Coffe & Bakehouse which has always been a bit far away being in Dennistoun but we knew they had always had rave reviews so we were very excited to try it out. One the best things of Italy is being able to walk down the road and get your bread fresh every morning. What do you know? Now we can do it right here in Glasgow. The guys even advised that you can request them to put aside bread for you to collect if you want as it tends to go fast and if they don't stock what you like you can always request it. So of course I might just have to take them up on that and do a bit of research on the Tapa website.

There is more to this place as well. The next post will be about the yam I got and turned into soup. Then there are the apples waiting to be turned into what I hope will be a yummy cake. Of course they also have a selection of spices and condiments and organic bits and pieces. All making it well worth a visit.

Next week I head to the local butcher in my quest for fresh!

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