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Monday 2 April 2012

An Analogy

Watch out! I'm coming!
So my hubby has recently come up with an interesting analogy that well I just have to share.

I have been posting a lot recently about the change in my son's behaviour. I used to describe him as this happy easy going baby...well not so much now. He wriggles and squirms everywhere now refusing to keep still. He always cries now when he does not get what he wants....hmph!!!....not even a cry more like a whine and he then proceeds to lie on the floor while he puts his head down and shakes it....oh poor baby! We especially  love the way he throws everything on the floor. He will cry to have it and as soon as you give it to him he chucks it....very funny! I don't know how I always end up giving him what he wants when I just no he is going to throw it...with vehemence as well. The best is when he is eating and he purposefully spits the food out and sometimes just chucks it as well. He will point to something he wants and actually refuse to take a mouthful until you give it to him...he's just too smart if you ask me. I say that hubby is maybe a little bit too impatient and hubby says that I am maybe a little bit too tolerant. We are probably both wrong but at least we get lots of hugs and affection along this new ride (more like bribery really lol!)

So the analogy....hubby says he wanted a bull dog and instead he got a jack russell. 


  1. sounds like he's trying to tell you who's boss!!!

    1. I know :( That just happens to be how we refer to him!


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