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Wednesday 4 April 2012

The Gallery: At Peace

So these past few weeks I have been a bit lost. It's been hard to find a place where I feel truly at peace. I have gotten really good at wearing a mask, smiling when I know I should, doing what I know others expect of me. So this weeks theme at Sticky Fingers The Gallery I knew would be hard for me. Then on Sunday morning while walking to Church with my son sleeping in his pram I was able to enjoy the quiet and the lovely sunshine. Maybe not the prettiest of scenes or the most amazing of pictures but it was a small moment of me being at peace.

and just to make the day perfect there was nothing like an afternoon BBQ with friends around you, watching your son happy and playing to make me take of my mask and actually truly smile at peace.


  1. So glad you were able to find some peace, even for a little while!

  2. Love the B&W pic, it could be from anytime.

  3. It's a lovely feeling when it actually comes, no pretending, isn't it x

  4. Grab those moments of peace when you can :)


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