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Thursday, 26 April 2012

It's play time

So I really want to remember all of my son's childhood. All the moments seem so special not just those big ones. Yet I said to a friend recently whose baby just turned six months that I already can't remember what my son was like then. At fourteen months I have really seen my son grow and I want to remember this. He's not walking and other than mamà and papà we are not getting any real words even if we are getting lots and LOTS of chatter. Play time is different now though. He loves going outside...craves it. It started in Italy when he got the keys and crawled to the front door waving bye to everyone! I've learned to make sure everything is ready for us to head out before I put my jacket on otherwise there is trouble. He has recognised that this means we are leaving and he is jumping all over me literally begging me to pick him up so we can go. He gets so excited when he realises that we are going to the park and he gets to get out of the pushchair. He loves the swings, the slide and exploring. He LOVES exploring. He is happy to crawl around in the dirt picking everything up and giving it a good lick to check if it is edible and what he can do with it. Then even though he's not walking this does not mean he does not exercise his right to climb on everything. There is no longer anything which is technically out of his reach. As far as my son is concerned everything is fair game.

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