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Wednesday 13 June 2012

Family storytime with the Scottish Youth Theatre

We are always looking for fun things to do with the little man as staying at home can sometimes become rather stressful for mum and dad as he decides to sweep through it like a little tornado. Getting out and about is the best way to keep him entertained, happy and you never know hopefully tire him out. Of course with the Scottish weather sunshine is never a guarantee so inside options are useful. It was only walking through the merchant city the other day that we saw a flyer for Family storytime with the Scottish Youth Theatre. It is advertised for under 7s, a rather wide age range I thought but what the heck we would give it a go. It's Aesop's Fables Season, every two weeks, Saturday and Sundays and tickets cost a fiver but the under 2s go free. As hubby says 'It's not his kind of thing' so we treated it as a mummy and son bonding session while he sat in a cafè with coffee and cake. I noticed very quickly on arrival that my little man was really the youngest there but I hoped for the best. Actually we got the best from the beginning right until the end of storytime. Our story was the Lion and the mouse. The dramatisation of the story was really great and they get the children really involved throughout. Being able to use your imagination is key so I'm not sure how much he was getting on that side but I guess it's never too early to start. I was happy to just sit and watch with the little man but he was much happier going up and being involved in his own little way. Granted I had to help him out a little bit but no one seemed to mind. At the end you got to explore all the dress up material they had with them and of course this was my son's favourite part as he was eager to have a go with them from the start! It was a quick hour and we do intend to go back!

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