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Monday 11 June 2012

Jamaica Jamaica!

So we did it...survived a short flight from Glasgow to London, waiting 5 hours in the airport and a long haul 9 hour flight to Jamaica. Thankfully at the end were 2 smiling grandparents and a cute nephew who my son took straight away! I can only share with you the positives about visiting Jamaica as well Jamaica is home. There were really NO negatives anyway other than having to experience it all without hubby. Nana (my mum) kept saying that hubby will be upset as my son tried new and different things. Like when he tasted ice cream for the first time at Devon House in Kingston...yum! In the two weeks while we were there I got to watch my son grow. He really found his feet over the two weeks and was happy to run us all around in circles. He got to try new surfaces in bare feet and learnt to be comfortable in his first pair of sandals. He never let the heat bother him really other than drinking lots of water and I personally think he appreciated wondering around with little to no clothes on. The best part though was getting to play in the water. It's pretty impressive how a little bit of sunshine, a bucket of water and some toys can amuse a 15 month old. We had plenty of opportunity to go swimming and he jumped straight into the pool. The grandparents were pretty impressed with his bravado. Then of course there was the sea. Having nothing to go on I had no idea how my little man would react but sure enough he pretty much ran straight in, sat his bum down and started playing happily with the sand...a true beach bum! Then there was time to spend with family and friends and I loved how social he was able to be and you could tell that others loved it as well. He met his great grandma and impressed everyone with how happily he was to actually sit still in her arms for a few minutes, like he knew he had to take care. She is 102 after all! Now we are back well rested and of course well tanned...did I mention he also got his first proper haircut (not just a hack job by mum or dad) at the salon. He really is my big boy now.


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