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Saturday 30 June 2012

Growing and Learning

It's been amazing watching my wee man recently. It's not because he is reaching these major milestones but it's because now he is really involved in what's going on in his little world. I guess that in itself is a major milestone for him. It's little things like watching him trying to put his shoes on himself because he is ready to go out and putting them on brings him one step closer to this goal. He will climb, duck, crawl, run to get what he wants. Reaching for your hand because he knows  that's a good way to get something a bit too difficult for him done. At the park now he can go down the slide all by himself...weeee! The way he is so sociable and caring with others in his own little way. He'll do silly things again and again because he realises it makes you laugh. He'll do anything again and again if you give him a big clap for doing it so well the first time. How he gives his mummy and daddy a hug just because he can is of course a favourite. The best bit of course is being a part of it all with him. Watching him explore and grow and learn I am doing a lot of growing and learning myself. There is something special about seeing the world through the eyes of a child that I can't find right words to describe it. It's exciting, fun, nerve wrecking, tearful, frightening, joyful, fulfilling, endearing..........

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  1. It is scary watching them grow up so fast! Love the photo on the slide!


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