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Thursday 7 June 2012

Jet Lag

Hello Blog,

I know it's been weeks since I have last written and truly it's not because I have not been thinking about you. I tell you though that jet lag is a bitch! *sorry I do not mean to curse*. I was so worried about how my son would manage that I forgot about me and trust me he has done a lot better than me. We had 4am and 5am wake up calls in Jamaica everyday without fail. Well I should say that Nana did as she lovingly allowed her daughter to rest. I should say insisted actually. I still managed to get my butt out of bed most mornings anyway as he delighted everyone by running around like a madman. As the time came closer to leave and head back to Glasgow I started to worry what the night time flight would bring us. Thankfully he slept all the way even if he needed me for a little comfort at the end. The flight still had it's toll on me though and by that afternoon I crashed for a few hours. My little monkey also eventually decided to crash as well. His first two nights were a little mad where he was wide away from about 9 to 11pm but then he would sleep till his usual early morning wake up call...we could handle that (even if we secretly whisper to him every night to wake up a bit later). Unfortunately it was not as easy for me and I swear I am still feeling the effects, staying up late and struggling in the mornings. On day two of arriving home hubby actually had to come and wake me up so that I would not sleep the whole day away! My head felt literally stuffed with cotton balls. Life though is now running along and it's time to catch up with it. Regular services shall now resume. There is so much to tell you!

All my love
Brinabird and son

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