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Monday 15 July 2013

His own personality

Whichever social science you study you are more than likely to come across the nature/nurture debate. As a parent with most things I find the best stance to take with these arguments is the middle ground. 

After all I want my wee man to be open to change and have heroes who can point him in a positive direction. Change can be a good thing, pushing us out of our comfort zone making us try new things that we are not particularly comfortable with. 

Yet I don't want him to loose those pieces that make him well him. From birth his personality started to show through. Often you will hear me or his daddy saying we have no idea where he gets it from. 

It's big and it's cheeky and it's fun and often loud. I swear you can hear my son for miles and he just never stops...the talking, the moving. 

We have gone through different stages of how willing he was to express it but it has always been there. Now he is slowly starting to make friends in the playground, seeking others out and he shows himself willing to share, up for an adventure.

Sometimes it comes across as confidence and then sometimes he is not too sure. Those are the times I think he is most vulnerable to change and influence and I as a mummy try to mould it the best way I can. I don't want to hold him back but I don't want to push him too far. I'll be honest it's a bit tricky.

One thing is for sure his personality is a beautiful thing and as a mummy I have the pleasure of watching it grow.


  1. Haha I think you have the best ever sofa for a toddler to play on! I definitely look at z and wonder where certain elements of his personality came from, all from him, nine of it taught by us. So amazing to see and it's lovely to see his character grow. Lovely photos!

  2. I often look at my three and wonder where they came from! For three kids who have had largely the same start, the same influences, the same parenting - they could not be more different! I think nature plays a big part, we need to nurture the personalities that they are given :)

  3. I simply love the way you interspersed the photos with the words or vice versa. Aaron loves climbing on the sofa. Has very recently discovered head stands :-) xx

  4. It scares the living day lights out of me. Great responsibility so I try to be the best mummy I can. I wish I had more patience. I hope that it's not consequential in his personality as recently he's been very demanding and telling me off lol.

    It's hard with two so close together but doing our best is all we can do.

  5. Watching their personalities and characters come out and then grow and develop, is one of the best bits of parenthood. And I love how kids are always a combination of "he or she gets that from so-and-so" and then "where on earth did they get that from?".
    Lovely photos. What a playful little guy he is. x

  6. Lovely post and gorgeous photos! I am a big fan of the middle ground too! x x

  7. It's so amazing seeing them become their own person and I have no idea how much influence we actually have on that. We sometimes wonder how Lucas is so outgoing when me and his dad are so quiet! Lovely photos of him playing xx


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