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Tuesday 10 December 2013

Everything in moderation

So it was not long ago I was thinking how much my son loves to watch TV. I justified the amount he watched because I did balance it with spending time out and about but when we were home it just seemed that the TV or a DVD were always on. We even had the bad habit of having it on while we ate our meals as it kept him quiet sitting still at the table. I guess that is where we recognized the need to stop watching so much TV, trying to put an end to "needing" the TV on during meals. To be honest it was not so hard to achieve and only took a few days for him to get used to it. I'll be honest my wee man does not really do sitting still while eating and we now have a pile of books which we have to read while we eat but somehow I prefer this.

What it has made me realise is that it is more me relying on an easy way out than my wee man having any sort of dependency. Once certain boundaries are set he actually finds it quite easy to follow. So with less TV his other interests just seem to have come alive. I have bravely entered into the world of arts and crafts, he loves imaginative play and has rediscovered so many toys, and my lover of books is back again! He loves to be involved in the cooking and the cleaning and instead of finding his involvement frustrating (which it can be with the mess and the determination to do it all himself) I am embracing it all and just taking my time with it. I actually find myself asking him sometimes now don't you want to sit down and watch something so I can get some proper housecleaning done.

He still watches his fair share of tv and I really don't mind. Balance and moderation has always been a motto I go by. I have learnt that it is best not to say I will never when it comes to parenting because more than likely you will. Just because I give him a taste for something, like tv, chocolate or juice, does not mean he is going to want it all the time. He quickly learns when things are appropriate and that sometimes he just can't have it right now. Some things surprisingly like chocolate he only wants a little of now and again and maybe JUST MAYBE that is because he knows it's there and he can get some more again in the future.

So everything in moderation tends to be my parenting motto. This includes bubble painting by the way which can be a huge frustrating mess all by itself!


  1. That's a brilliant idea and one I think we need to do too. We tend to have the telly on in the background as we do jigsaws and puzzles. Not sure why to be honest. Lovely photos as always x

  2. I love these photos of him, glad you are having fun with arts, I need to do this more. We've been watching more telly the further through my pregnancy I have gotten but I always keep lunch and tea and before bed tv free, that's my balance for it and it works for us. I'm hoping when I have a bit more energy we can substitute even more for getting out.

  3. Great parenting motto! My toddler watches Peppa Pig daily and aside from being annoying for me I don't think it does her any harm as long as it's in moderation like you say.


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