A mum and a wife and sometimes just me

Sunday 8 December 2013

Say cheese!

Yes that is my DSLR camera he is holding. I didn't know whether to be proud or angry with him! What can you do when he says "Like mummy!" 

mummy daddy me


  1. Haha, Mads shows an interest in mine too. I want her to love photography like me so I do try and let her press the button sometimes. ;)

  2. It's too sweet to be naughty!! I let Kitty play with mine too - I figure if I show her how it works that might satisfy her curiousity enough that she doesn't then try to play with it when I'm not around - so far she's showing every sign of being another photographer!

  3. So sweet! You can't really be angry when they just want to be like you :)


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