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Sunday 22 December 2013

Taking #CountryKids on Holiday

I'm huge fan of Country Kids, run by Fiona at Coombe Mill, by the simple fact that it is very important to me for my son to enjoy as much of the great outdoors as possible. It pushes me to go out in all types of weather and shown me how easy it can be if you are just prepared. I try and join in every week as it is highly unlikely for a week to go by that we have not in some way made it outdoors. Dare I admit though that sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. Yeah I know it happens when you are parent that well parenting comes first. It's hard for us with little support as our families are far away. I found it difficult enough to establish a work life balance much less to find a space where blogging fits. I have also not mentioned that we are also organising a rather big relocation move down south which is what kept me away from blogging all last week. 

This week we are in Italy. This means a proper holiday for us as parents as I pretty much hand the wee man over to the care of his Nonni! The way his face lit up when he saw them was priceless. So when I was sent my weekly tweet about Country Kids I really never knew what I would have to share. I should not have been surprised though that it was not long before the wee man had dragged his Nonni outside for some fresh air. Admittedly it started on their balcony with a game of cars but it's still fresh air! It did end though with a walk with Nonno while dare I admit I stayed home to enjoy a cup of tea and finally dip my head into a good book. I do know that he had a good time as he came home with a chocolate moustache and the remnants of what looked like a hot chocolate in a plastic cup!

 Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 


  1. He look like he is having so much fun! Lovely photos!

  2. The wee man looks so happy and in his element playing cars with his grandparents! I'm so glad that Country Kids has inspired families to get out and enjoy some fun outdoors. Thanks for linking up and enjoy your holiday in Italy (just slightly jealous).

  3. Looks like he's having a wonderful time, a real treat. I know how my son reacts when we see my parents in Spain - lovely #CountryKids


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