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Saturday 1 February 2014

Home made

What will I remember about my wee man having the chicken pox? Well it came on very suddenly. He gave no clues with any flu like symptoms. I was supposed to be having a relaxing day off work but instead was collecting my son from nursery with suspicious spots. They had a little break out and this time round it was not missing us out. Stuck in a little room away from the other patients at the surgery waiting patiently for the doctor only to confirm what I really already knew. As the doctor explained rightly so they come out in "crops". After two days new ones still seem to be raring their little blister heads. The itching seems to come a little after. "I'm not scratching mummy I'm just feeling them". The wee man copes pretty well with the symptoms. We have a few moments of "Ouchy, ouchy Mummy" but the aqueous calamine lotion and piriton seem to be keeping it mostly under control. 

What will I remember about my wee man having chicken pox? Being stuck at home inside. "when the spots go away I can go outside?" YES! The cavalry arrive today...Nonna. That means at least I can get out, back to work on Monday, as hubby travels. The first two days involved a fine balance between watching TV and other fun activities. Then of course making a road/train track. Then adding a tunnel. Then eventually adding an unnecessary diversion of a bridge. I'm not sure who it entertained more me or my wee man!


  1. That track looks great! My two had chicken pox last summer, so yes, I remember being stuck inside, crafting and making paper zoos! Hope he's brighter now x

  2. Love the track, Monkey had chicken pox this time last year - good to get it over and done with

  3. That's a fantastic track. Looks like lots of fun.
    Think I will make one with Emmy. Will keep her amused for ages.

    I hope he is feeling better soon

  4. Beautiful photos, love the concentration on his face! I remember when my two boys had chicken pox - when they were 3 and 1. It was actually a really special time - I liked the fact that it was just the three of us together and they couldn't go to nursery or anywhere.

  5. What a brilliant idea! I am dreading chicken pox and just hope mine get it at the same time so we can get over it faster x


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