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Wednesday 5 February 2014

Once upon a time....

"once upon a time there was a little girl called mummy Sabrina". The wee man looks at me with his big bright brown eyes and smiles. I look back at him and smile and we both start laughing.

He likes to find his two soft toys. I get monster and he keeps the elephant. "A crocodile is coming quick, hide." Off we run to hide under the bed covers usually works. We do the crocodile action with our hands "Snap, snap, snap, it's coming" "i'm going to eat you all up".

The story lines are simple. Often he takes stories from what he has been watching on TV or reading in a book. These days I think of anything I can do to feed it! So simple but I know so easy to lose. It's not as easy for me to join his world as much as I would like. But when he says "Come play with me, come on mummy" how can I say no?


  1. That is so lovely... I can;t wait until mine starts wanting made up stories! So much fun! Plus I cannot take another bloody bedtime with Peppa Pig... #killmenow lol xx

    1. We have thankfully said good bye to peppa pig but it's just been replaced with octonauts and mickey mouse clubhouse! At least they are a bit more adventurous!

  2. And what a lovely story teller he is :o).

  3. So cute. He reminds me a lot of my little Z. My most favourite story of his starts "it was a dark and storrrrrmy night". And that's it usually. That's the whole story :)


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