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Monday 5 April 2010

Barefoot Kiwi

So it was only yesterday that I went with hubby to experience what was named the 'Last BBQ of summer' at the Kings Arms Tavern with a bunch of local bands. Sure enough there in the crowd was the guy with no shoes on. It's not hard to go somewhere in New Zealand and find that someone does not have any shoes on. I discovered this phenomenon very quickly as I work with children who often refuse to put shoes on and was quickly told by other staff members that it's actually not just ok but a way of life! Oh how quickly I remembered the days as a child running around with no shoes on...having what is usually termed 'tough foot bottom' ! I quickly learnt though the art of wearing shoes and not just shoes but shoes with socks. I have certainly enjoyed the freedom of wearing flipflops or should I say jandals pretty much everyday during my time here in New Zealand.

Unfortunately I have not graduated to being a 'barefoot kiwi'.

1 comment:

  1. My dear if you come to Barbados you will experience that as well. Some people walk into the supermarket, gas station bare foot and not bothered!


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