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Sunday 11 April 2010

Home is where the heart is?

I have recently been having thoughts about home. Hubby's sister recently commented on facebook that she has lost count of how many places she has lived but she definitely new for sure where she calls home now, even though that is technically not the place she is living at the moment. As someone who's favourite thing is travelling and not just to go on holiday but to live and breath other places has been magical and made the concept of where is 'home' kind of elusive.

I left my first home when I was 18 to go to University in the UK. I always felt a little claustrophobic in Jamaica and this was my chance to grow up and gain my independence. Every summer and Christmas though I would gleefully say I am going home to spend time with family and friends. I went home to get married. Actually even though I have been living for several years in the UK, not just studying any more but working, actually considered a resident of Scotland, I still say to people if I am going to Jamaica that I am going home!

My husband is Italian and so we have been to Italy on several occasions to visit his family and friends. It has gone beyond just needing to see the sights. My new family lives there now and hubby's close friends have become mine as well. When I eventually learn the language my experience of it all will be even further enhanced.  It is now about going to visit my second home!

We have now been living and working for nearly 7 months in Auckland and it has become our home away from home. These days when people ask hubby and I where we have come from we look at each other first. I am Jamaican and he is from Italy, we usually live in Scotland in the UK but we have been living in Auckland for several months now. 

I guess we are not sure what our future holds and if Scotland will always remain our humble home forever. We do know our home will always be with each other and with our family and friends. So I guess yes home is where the heart is or where pieces of it are anyway!

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  1. I often have the same quandary when asked where I'm from. Every place I've lived for any substantial amount of time has become part of my personal story, so I feel I'm ignoring important parts of my history to name only one place. Yet many people asking don't want to know the life story, nor do I really want to share details with most of them.


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