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Sunday 25 April 2010

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

So I go to Italian classes every Monday and usually at the start of class we discuss what we have been doing at the weekend. OK no surprises I usually just have one sentence to say 'Ho lavorato!' One of the ladies talked about the book she had just read on recommendation by another classmate and both had rather conflicting views. One thought it was a rather patronising story and the other thought it was the best she has ever read. Oh how I love a book which causes conflict so I immediately put it on the need to read list. If it is one thing I need to know when it comes to book is make up my own mind. Then of course it appeared that soooo many people had read this book except me and it was one of those books that you can never find in the library you actually have to request it. So what was I missing:

In the title it is described as "one woman's search for everything". OK never mind that this woman was only in her early thirties and was already having a life crisis...that alone scares me a little as I am what I always thought as only in my thirties with my whole life ahead of me. Then to find everything she has to travel to 3 different countries to find it, why can't you find these things at home? Anyway..........

So I pretty much delved into the book and must admit found myself really loving it. I could identify so much with her Italian experience and the humour was great, I actually laughed out loud. But then I must be honest that the enthusiasm really waned when she went to India and Indonesia. It maybe got a bit too spiritual for me and it lost pretty much all it's humour and I just could not identify any more. The only bit I enjoyed in India was Richard from Texas and well not much about Bali. She found what she was looking for and I got to read about it. I dragged myself through it pretty much to the end of the book. It was a personal journey though and I guess that it will more than likely offer something different to everyone. I think she is a pretty good writer though and am possibly curious about other things she has written to not completely write her off my interesting authors list.

But never mind what I think...I just realised today that now it's been made into a movie so it must be good to someone right. The trailer for your pleasure....

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