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Wednesday 14 April 2010

Packing is an art form

Well speaking about home...I was only in my flat here in Auckland for 7 months and already have had to move to second home for the last two months...bummer...so there I was packing and thinking and packing and thinking...where the hell has all this stuff come from???  What is it about packing? You look at it, it does not look a lot, it will all definitely fit...but once you start...it's like pringles...it just doesn't stop!

I love travelling, but if I could pay someone to pack for me I think that seriously I would. I have a lot of difficulty getting dressed to go out during the day much less for a special event (ask hubby he can attest to the fact!) much less having to plan a whole suitcase of what I will wear when I am away on holiday! Those articles that advise on the essentials of what you need to pack when on holiday, I am sure they are full of useful advice, but they just don't work for me, I'm just too full of 'just in cases'.

Seriously even when I do pack only essentials, I am honestly not a 'girly girl' so can actually deny myself a lot of stuff, it does NOT only weigh 15 kilos and if I am going on a long haul flight it does NOT only weigh 32 kilos! Never mind the summer time...have you ever tried packing 15 kilos in winter.I know it's not just me either. I have been in the line watching people futilely trying to argue not to pay. Ever been in the line for the flight to Jamaica, the number of boxes usually give them away.

OK enough moaning, but for me, packing is an art form, and after how many years doing it, I don't think I will ever master it!


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