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Thursday 15 April 2010

The importance of an oven

One of my favourite things is cooking, so how can you tell me am I going to survive 2 whole months without an oven. Yes my new abode is definitely humble, it is one of these long stay hotel apartments. For all you bakers out there this probably does not apply but do you really consider how much you use your oven until you lose it! *Sigh* It was bad enough when I lived in Glasgow having to survive without a freezer but this is living above and beyond natural. Actually for people who don't love cooking it could be even worse...no chips! Now though I suddenly have a microwave like that should make it all better *hmph* So I guess if anyone has any handy microwave recipes please share it with me!

10 things I love about my oven

  1. I can bake cakes

  2. It makes pizza night a reality

  3. Baked Whole Fish

  4. Roast Potatoes

  5. Okay I admit it....CHIPS!

  6. Home made bread

  7. It usually comes with a grill...hehehehe

  8. Melted cheese on toast

  9. I can cook a whole beast...I mean a turkey or a chicken (thank goodness it's not Christmas)

  10. Ok I could not find a 10th but you know what I mean right!

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