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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Becoming an International Driver

It has been a bit surreal for us to think about it but next time we go to Italy all our close circle of friends will be mummies and daddies. The amazing thing is that we are all having boys as well! How great would it be that 3 daddies have 3 boys that may become close as friend as well! With these thoughts the conversation took the pleasant turn of holidays we can possibly do together, hoping that the boys will enjoy getting to know each other. It's not long though before the conversation takes a rather interesting turn. You see the daddies are drinking partners. Hubby thinks its a good idea that I get comfortable driving in Italy...I guess that means the mummies are the designated drivers then. But you see Italians tend generally to have their own way of doing things.

Driving in Italy........

Yet driving in Italy is not just about being able to drive on the right hand side of the road. They have a completely different attitude to the way people drive in the UK. It's not even the fact that they are fast and dangerous drivers. Jamaicans probably beat them to the post to that one and I guess I have managed that though it's been a long time! Italian drivers are just plain mean! The first time you realise this is when you try to cross the road in Italy at a pedestrian crossing and realise that drivers won't automatically stop for you. The second time is when you have to join the motorway...Italians will not automatically give you way...you actually sometimes have to stop before being able to join a fast paced motorway. The third time is in busy periods with lots of traffic...they don't let drivers from the side roads merge into the traffic...you could actually be stuck there all day. It's funny to watch hubby bitch when he is subjected to such foul play but then automatically does the same when he is in the position with the upper hand. By the way these are the nice Italian drivers.

What makes it worse is that public transport in Italy kind of sucks especially in the evenings and even if you are willing to dish out and pay for a taxi they are few and far between.
Hubby explains that I don't have to worry...it will be in the evening when its quieter anyway... and its not like I have to drive in Naples or anything...thanks for the reassurance I say.

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