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Monday, 17 January 2011

Information overload

Well I have learnt so many new things since I have been pregnant that it's amazing. I really wasn't expecting it to be like this...so much to learn...I mean come on women have been doing this since the beginning of time. My mother finds it fascinating all the resources I am able to tap into cause 'they never had that in my day!'. As we have developed and learnt we have also become risk averse and have to watch our step through every week of pregnancy. Every little niggle I find myself trawling the internet and it's fascinating to find that usually someone has some sort of answer out there for the same question whether they be a professional or not. I stop myself for a minute then and realise that I only trust those who give me an answer that relieves my nerves rather than makes me anxious...what's the point in that!!!

My dad gave me some advice at the beginning...hubby is supposed to buy me a book and read it and then tell me what I need to do when the baby arrives...interesting! He also advised me to buy some body lotion and get hubby to rub my belly every night...I liked that idea better. I have looked though at the different books that are available...where does one begin and where does one end?!?! Everyone has got a bit of advice and sometimes (or most times) its conflicting. 

I never knew before that you could have a Gina Ford baby? I thought I was having a Montagnoli baby!


  1. Ha! I have 2 Gina Ford babies, LOL!! No they're not really, but I did find her books useful, I would only advise using them AFTER you've muddled through the first 6 weeks though and you come up for air again!
    The "what to expect" series of books are a breath of fresh air, no routines, just full of great realistic advice and funny and down to earth at the same time.
    And don't forget you always have me! Women before who didn't have the internet and all the books available had their families, so don't forget to use your family as a resource xxx

  2. Don't you worry Mich I plan to you use you!!! Yeah I have skimmed through some of the Gina Ford book so far and figure we can attempt it at some point maybe not strictly but it makes sense to us...of course Alberto is focused on the sleeping through the night as soon as possible :)


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