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Monday 10 January 2011

Gym etiquette

So with lack of a car and considering the weather in Scotland these days hubby and I ended up back at the gym to get our exercise even though we do favour the good old outdoors usually. The main reason of course is the fresh air and the scenery that you don't get in the gym. In my local gym here in Glasgow I am afraid the scenery generally disappoints. When the testosterone levels in the gym are high I actually find it VERY ANNOYING!   At first I just wanted to comment on the annoying stares that I get because of my bump...I try my best to resist shouting at them that I am pregnant not ill.

I just go to the gym to get some exercise...why do these guys go?

1st.They tend to be regulars who know each other and spend half their time chatting than actually getting any exercise done...which also means they are sharing a weights machine which they hog for a good hour while I am there (unlike me who is happy doing 2 sets which takes me only a few minutes...honest).  I mean these guys obviously have all day.
2nd.I get it that certain people are into body building. Unfortunately the space in my gym is a bit limited for that but thankfully at the minute I am not too interested in free weights so can leave them to it. It's rather interesting to watch those boys who are trying to keep up with the 'real' men lifting these weights that are obviously too heavy for them, straining their backs. I would love to know what kind of aches and pains they wake up with the next morning.

So for us that just want to fit a good work out into a hour I think they should establish a charter which states the rules of proper gym etiquette. OR I will just keep avoiding the gym at busy times.

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