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Wednesday 12 January 2011

In the home stretch...

I'm 32 weeks

I can't see my toes

I'm generally quite tired by 9ish...yet find myself unable to settle to bed until around 12ish...finally start drifting off to sleep and then comes that well known burning sensation...reach for the Gaviscon...a bit of relief...last time I looked at the clock it said 12.30...now it reads 3am as I get up desperate to pee. After that I wake everytime I need to turn over or I actually wake myself up from snoring and lets not forget the odd kick from the bean. Suddenly the clock is saying 7am...that can't be I don't feel like I've slept. 

The joys of the 3rd Trimester...it's good practice for the beans arrival in March when he will be the one keeping me awake. Did I mention he will be a picses...a dreamer...he hates routine...sleeps and eats when he wants.

I'll never truly be able to prepare myself but I'm funnily still nervously excited!


  1. I have the same photo from both my pregnancies!!
    Max is a Pisces and he loves routine! If you do your baby will. However he is a dreamer! Lastly once your baby is here you will have no trouble sleeping, once they let you!!!

  2. I forgot Max was a March baby...Alberto was trying to find out who we knew that were Pisces. It was a good laugh learning about what a Pisces baby would be like.

  3. I just read this for the 1st time. Both C and I are pisces and we both love routine but can be spontaneous at the same time. I'm way more of a dreamer than he is. What I will say about all the pisces ppl I know (my Grandad as well) is that we feel things intensely. When we are happy we are very happy and when we love we really love but when we are mad it's probably best to stay out of our way :-)

    1. I forgot about writing this! Now I am going to spend the next few days analysing my son Lol...might make for an interesting post!


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