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Sunday 16 January 2011

Body Image

How self conscious are you about what you look like? Have you ever gone topless at the beach while on holiday or maybe gone all out and taken your whole kit off? How much are we still really influenced by images of models and celebrities in the media? Do you really fancy being a size zero and think that it's a good image? 

There is a communal changing room at my gym. What no separate cubicle to get changed in? Yes ladies it has been deemed that we all have the same bits so we shouldn't be bothered about getting dressed together. Some ladies head straight for the toilets where they can have some privacy...though I doubt it's a very comfortable space to get dressed. Then there are those women who have mastered the trick of changing into your gym clothes with showing very minimal amounts of skin. They are fascinating to watch which is a bit bad on my part because they have obviously mastered this art because they feel the other women are staring at them. Then there are those who don't mind if you see them in their underwear but they go no further. Then of course you get those who just get on with it...get the kit off...get changed and get to the gym. Yes that's me by the way...I'm just not bothered.

We communicate through what we decide to wear and how we express ourselves using our bodies. If you go out in the community and show too much skin then certain assumptions about your character are "allowed " to be made. I'll admit that sometimes I make them. It's freezing cold outside for goodness sake...go put some clothes on! It's not just about showing skin but also how you carry yourself for the occasion. The British are supposed to be reserved but they are also very good at binge drinking and there seems to be nothing more a British woman likes to do when she has had lots to drink than 'getting her tits out'. In the UK you get the popularity of programmes such as 'How to look good naked', though the idea of a man who wears trousers half hanging off telling me what to wear is depressing. There is a difference between style and fashion ladies! Or you get to watch reality programmes of people who are significantly over weight doing everything to loose the weight....enjoy watching 'The Biggest Loser' anyone?

I guess that how comfortable we women are in our bodies will always haunt us. 

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