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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Addictive Viewing

So tonight starts another series of Masterchef...hubby is not impressed as it is in stiff competition with his need to watch NCIS and actually I am a bit peeved it's on at the same time as well. Usually there is nothing on TV and when there is our programmes compete with each other. It got me thinking though about how I am sadly addicted to certain TV viewing...the worst is the onslaught of reality TV programmes that suck you in. When he heard another series of Masterchef was starting his immediate reaction was "Great, I loose my wife for the next few weeks". 

I am pregnant and crazily watch "One born every minute" scaring the hell out of myself as I watch these ladies screaming in pain saying they can't do it any more thinking that is soon going to be me. I wonder to myself actually why does anyone want to watch this really and moreover why do these women not mind being filmed. You have to turn the volume down as you are not sure what the neighbours will be thinking if they can hear the screams...cause yes they are that loud.

Thankfully I have stayed away from the likes of Big Brother but this year I actually watched "The X Factor" from start to finish. You can usually justify watching the auditions because they can actually be quite funny and even hubby does not even mind watching them but after that people start to get really serious about it! I mean they get really defensive about the act they are supporting as they drone out the usual pop drivel (again why was I watching this?)...like are they going to go out and actually buy the CD...thankfully I am not that bad I have some sort of taste in music (anyway no kidding hubby would never allow such music inside his house).

I seriously need to learn to turn the TV off and go and read a good book!

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