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Thursday 10 February 2011

Nesting...I don't think so.

Definition:The nesting instinct is the name given to the distinctive urge to clean, tidy, and organize that occurs during pregnancy.

I have experienced lots of symptoms during my pregnancy but this is just not one of them. I figure I have always hated house cleaning and will always hate house cleaning. Thank goodness we only live in a small flat! When the bean actually arrives I fear how downhill it will all really go. When the grandparents come to visit that will be there job...the irony of course being that it will probably grate my nerves as it's my flat and I hate when other people take over...yes I'm a bit of a control freak. 

I can't even say I have "enjoyed" the shopping part and getting everything the bean needs. Tag a product as baby and all of a sudden it jumps up in price! Choosing a pram was worse than shopping for a car. Do you get new born clothes or 0-3 months? All they do is eat, poo and sleep and grow out of the clothes you just bought them TOO QUICK! I was told not to worry too much about that anyway as there would be an influx of gifts...I'm still waiting for the influx :( 

As for decorating the nursery...well it's a rented flat that we can't really change that much...so other than adding a cot to an already small room which had a double bed and a desk...there was not much else I could really do! Never mind I am having a boy and the room is pretty in pink!

Oh well I will just have to make do with all the other symptoms pregnancy has entailed...sleepless nights, heartburn......

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