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Wednesday 9 February 2011

Family ties

So every morning I watch "Wanted Down Under"...families thinking of moving to Australia and New Zealand, looking for that better lifestyle and standard of living. I wonder how much these families actually think it through before they go and what images they are getting sucked into...sun...adventure...being able to afford more...because they are always surprised when they get there. The killer though is always the bit at the end where they have the family and friends video from home. I don't know whether to cry with them or tell them to suck it up........

You see for a long time now I have always lived a long way from my family. It's funny for me thinking of this sentimentality because I decided to go to University abroad to get away from family and gain some independence. I always had a claustrophobic experience living in Jamaica. I feel really bad because it was not that hard to say goodbye! I mean yes I was going to miss my family but the excitement of the new experiences drowned those feelings out. To be fair though I guess at first it was never an intended forever move and I was home for the Christmas and Summer. Somehow though when it came to look for a job I started looking in the UK and have never looked back. I can't say that I left all my family at home either because I have one sister living in the United States and the other in Barbados. I can go several years without seeing them all and it's rare these days to find us all together at the same time.

So if I got a video from home it would just be from my mum and dad. What does that say about my family ties? We are still a very close family and they support me in the most amazing ways even if it's from a distance. I am starting my own family now and I will admit it's hard knowing my family is so far away from it all and I guess there is a small temptation to just drop everything and run back home...but that's not my reality.

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