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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My birth story

*Warning* Personal post ahead

Ok so you do learn funny and interesting things about yourself when you are pregnant. It's a great time to hear from your own family..."You know when you were born...." and "You know when you were young......".  It's great when it's anecdotal and I am yet to be told these stories as a means of conveying advice so fingers crossed it stays that way....unless I phone them up crying and begging! 

As an activity to get to know each other and break the usual lecture class routine we were asked at my NCT class to say where we were born and something about our birth. I realised it was something that I had never really thought to ask my mother. I was told that I was going to have a big baby so the most I have asked is "how much did I wiegh when I was born?" and that was as most as I could contribute. So it wasn't long before I was on the phone to my mother to find out what happened. It was great as well because it was actually an "exciting"story. 

My mum had to be induced. Then she was told by her doctor that she was in for a long wait and he went away. The sister and nurse remained with my mum and sister then asked my dad to leave the room and was rubbing mum's back and trying to comfort her. My mum then said she needed to pee and so the nurse gave her a bed pan. While she was trying to pee though she found she couldn't and it felt very funny to her. So she asked the nurse what it could be...when the nurse turned around and looked at my mother she told her to "Stop what you are doing!" and ran out the room. She flew past my father which made him panic signing to the others to phone the doctor and said to my father "It's the baby!". My mum was then raced through to the delivery room. When the doctor arrived he calmly said to my mother to "Stop what you are doing, I just have to put on my gloves" then he turned around and caught me.

I also learned that I was born on the same day as my father's mum! I am going to have to start asking some more questions about me now...after all how much do we really remember about growing up and what does it say about who we are now!

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  1. wow that's an incredible story! It shouldn't happen to you, remember you were baby no3! Its true I found out so much more about my family history since having my children too.
    Never knew that about Grandma's birthday!


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