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Monday 15 August 2011

Rolling, rolling, rolling

Ok so it started with the foot fascination. All of a sudden my son decided it was more fun to play with toys with his feet than with his hands. If you tried to sit him up his head would drop as he looked for his feet. When lying down the feet would end up in the air and inevitably he would have his sock in his mouth. He would roll to the side but go no further. That was him happy for the next few days.

Then one day...the day I leave him for a second on his play mat while I go to the kitchen and hubby is busy on his computer....he turns over. "Did you put him on his tummy?" I asked daddy..."Nope". Well that is the beginning of the end of this story as every time he is on his play mat he pretty much ends up on his stomach. Typical of my son to learn how to do it the harder way first and now ends up on his tummy and does not really no quite what to do with himself. Of course we were really excited at first and I have tried for hours to film him doing it but as usual it's like he knows the camera is on him so he stops. 

Now though it's hit us slap bang in the face...he is on the move...time to start baby proofing!

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