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Monday 29 August 2011

The hills are alive

with the sound of rivers and waterfalls, cow bells and chicadas...oh yeah and my son. 

We made it safely to Italy for our first family holiday with the Nonni. It officially became a vacation for hubby and I as well when we were treated to a few lovely days in the mountians. We stayed in a town called Pinzolo and enjoyed lovely visits to Val di Genova to see the waterfalls, taking the trenino to Malga Ritort and to Val Nambrone to see the lovely springs.


  1. Brilliant! I'm so pleased you got to take F somewhere you love and are having a lovely time. Mich xxx

  2. Aw wooow this place is beeautiful!!! xxx

  3. Annette it's just the tip of the iceberg as well. We did not venture as far up the mountains as we usually do as we had our 6 month old wee man with us. The great thing about the Italian mountains though is that it is accessible to everyone!


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